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  • Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 16:33:34 -0700

I would have to agree with Flint and Richard, Facebook is not my thing
either. To invasive. And I also thought the project was dead. I'm extremely
glad it isn't. I personally like the staging bit, if the FAA will allow it.
The concept is well proven, efficient, and easier.
Reading between the lines of some of the replies, it seems that one thing
that seems important to clarify to those of us outside the current group, is
how much help you guys want ? If any ? The way I get it you would like some,
but not to much.(?) I'd be frank in explaining whatever the project has
evolved to, the needs if any, or if it is a go it alone thing now.
My own thing is, I think an explanation is needed "to all". I put about 3
grand into the SS2S project over the years, plus made some stuff. "Many
others" have done/did the same. The SS2S died, but that's part of the game.
Richard gave it his all for a decade, and I don't blame him for finally burning
out on it. That amount of commitment to an idea is stunning in this day and age.
I personally have no problem with this current evolution, if it is a go it
alone project now. But I think the rest of us need an explanation out of
curiosity for our prior involvement, and of what now is taking place. If it is
a semi go for it alone project now, with donations, then I think there is a
need to unfortunately to take "the time" to explain what in the hell the
projects plan is now, and how you plan to do it. I think most of us are old
enough to handle it without throwing a fit.
Also, it'd be nice to know who is involved now, as it appears to be some
kind of big secret.


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I fully agree with Richard,
I was pretty sure the project had silently gone the way of the Dodo...
Facebook is not my cup of tea - so to speak. Looking at the webpate I didn't
see any videos (but as I said - I'm not familiar with the webpage mess called
I would truely appreciate a weekly/monthly mail update.
Good work!!!

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Very pleased to hear about the good progress being made, Rick.

As I am not much of a facebook enthusiast, I was unaware of the work
that has been going on these past six months or so. In the future,
it'd be great if you could fire off a quick post to this list when
there is a significant development.

BTW, is there any plan to revive the SS2S website?


On 8/1/15, Rick Maschek <rickmaschek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Current status is a small scale 75mm sustainer motor for a two stage has
> been successfully fired and launched.The 100mm booster motor has been
> successfully static fired 4 consecutive times. Decision has been made to
> a 100mm to 100mm two stage instead of the 100mm to 75mm vehicle. Launch
> to be announced when ready (Sept/Oct time frame).
> Most postings of progress are done on facebook at
> https://www.facebook.com/Sugarshottospace
> | |
> | | | | | | | |
> | Sugar Shot to SpaceThe goal of the SS2S Program: The underlying goal of
> the Sugar Shot to Space program is to loft a... |
> | |
> | View on www.facebook.com | Preview by Yahoo |
> | |
> | |
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> I havent heard from the list in months. I thought I might have been
> struck off.
> Phil
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