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I fully agree with Richard,I was pretty sure the project had silently gone the
way of the Dodo... Facebook is not my cup of tea - so to speak. Looking at the
webpate I didn't see any videos (but as I said - I'm not familiar with the
webpage mess called "facebook")I would truely appreciate a weekly/monthly mail
update. Good work!!!Flint

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Very pleased to hear about the good progress being made, Rick.

As I am not much of a facebook enthusiast, I was unaware of the work
that has been going on these past six months or so. In the future,
it'd be great if you could fire off a quick post to this list when
there is a significant development.

BTW, is there any plan to revive the SS2S website?


On 8/1/15, Rick Maschek <rickmaschek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Current status is a small scale 75mm sustainer motor for a two stage has
been successfully fired and launched.The 100mm booster motor has been
successfully static fired 4 consecutive times. Decision has been made to do
a 100mm to 100mm two stage instead of the 100mm to 75mm vehicle. Launch date
to be announced when ready (Sept/Oct time frame).
Most postings of progress are done on facebook at

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      On Sunday, July 26, 2015 10:45 PM, phil vukovich
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  I havent heard from the list in months. I thought I might have been
struck off.


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Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 16:33:59 +0000 (UTC)
From: Lyn Berry <lyn_berry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hacked message

I am sorry to say that my yahoo account as hacked and some of you may have
received an email advert for AOL. Please  ignore. I have changed
passwords etc. Sorry but outside of my control.Regards,
Lyn Berry


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