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Hi guysNot sure this is good enough for you guys... but it is low tech and very 
simple (and fairly cheap):You can buy tempilstik temperature indicators 
(available on ebay).These come in a wide range of temperature measurements. All 
you need to do is mark a line (in a nosecone I would think of lines running 
from the tip edge down to the base) using several pens marking different 
temperatures. If the dye changes color or bubbles (clear visible indication) - 
you exceeded the registered temperature. Or you can bond many thermocouplers to 
the nosecone from the inside (of course)... I'd go with the pens (light weight, 
does not influence the rocket balance/performance, allows live launch tests... 
etc)Here is the company link: 
http://www.tempil.com/products/tempilstik-original/Just my 2 cents... Cheers,
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Thanks for your reply Markus,
It is a good idea. The main problem I see is that we need to measure high 
temperatures. I do not know exactly how much, but around 1200ºC. And this only 
measures halfway. Do you know if there is a sensor for arduino with this 

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Hi Vicente,

It is quite easy to build a data logger with an Arduino based micro controller, 
SD card, SD card socket, HEF 4050 voltage level shifter, DS1307 RTC and one (or 
more) MLX90614 IR thermometer(s) which communicate(s) over the I2C bus as well.
I am just doing this for a medical project.


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Subject: [SS2S-Main] volunteering
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{font-size:12pt;font-family:Calibri;}#yiv4170881393 Hi all again,Although a 
long time do not talk about it, yet we continue the investigation of ablative 
materials.For the study of the material that will coat the nosecone of our 
rocket; Richard, Mattias and I already started last summer to work on it.
Throughout this week, I've been talking to Hans, and he thought the possibility 
to also measure the temperature on the side of the wall that is in contact with 
the flame. Would be measured by an infrared thermometer.
I am contacting you to see if anyone is interested, or know how, to attach an 
infrared thermometer with data logger that Liam is manufacturing for 
By this, we can obtain pairs of temperatures at the same point. Both outside 
and inside of the wall, in order to obtain among other data, values of thermal 
conductivity and heat capacity of each material.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and interest.   


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