[SS2S-Main] Re: Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report -- Feb.17-23, 2014

  • From: Richard Nakka <richard.rocketry@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sugarshot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2014 12:45:25 -0600

Ok, great, thanks Alberto. And thank you, Dave, for the quick fix.

This is a timely opportunity to remind everyone of our Tool Raffle
fund-raiser. We are nearing the "25 tickets sold" mark. That
represents 1/4 way to our goal, with 3 months remaining in our
campaign. We need to keep up the pace of ticket sales if we wish to
succeed, so expect these "reminders" on a regular basis. But why wait
to be reminded?

Consider these thought provoking questions...

- You agree that sugar propellant, despite being the ultimate
"amateur" propellant, can carry a rocket to Space and as such, one day
can be proudly compared to the "real" stuff (APCP).

- SS2S has struggled at times, but nevertheless, you believe that we
are taking a practical, systematic approach that can succeed in
overcoming obstacles and in eventually achieving our goal.

- You consider technical failure as a "learning experience" and
recognize that rocketry is a highly unforgiving technology.
Conversely, you celebrate technical success (all-right, way to go,

-You enjoy following the progress of the Sugar Shot to Space program,
even if it is irritatingly slow at times.

-You recognize that Sugar Shot to Space volunteers spend thousands of
unpaid hours contributing to a common goal, simply because they are
passionate about what they are doing and trying to achieve.

- You'd feel disappointed if the Sugar Shot to Space project were to end today.

If you answered "Yes" to one (or more) of these questions, you are a
true-blue Sugar Shot to Space supporter. Now, do you still need to be
reminded or nudged...?

or if you prefer:


On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Alberto Gassol <alberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Up and running!
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> Subject: [SS2S-Main] Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report -- Feb.17-23, 2014
>> Highlights of recent developments on the DoubleSShot project
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> - On Saturday, Feb.22, Vincente Alvero test fired the VIC-2B
>> experimental rocket motor. This was the first test firing of this
>> motor, and was basically a successful firing. The primary purpose of
>> this test was an exercise in propellant casting, motor assembly and
>> static test firing operation. Secondary goals were to test a new
>> ablative material applied to the nozzle convergent section, and to
>> test a new carbon-fibre nozzle cone. Two problems occurred during
>> firing: leakage past the forward bulkhead o-ring, and the nozzle cone
>> blew off shortly after thrusting commenced. The leakage was a result
>> of a tiny seam in the motor casing, which will be filled for the next
>> firing. The nozzle cone blew off as a result of overly-shallow blind
>> holes in the nozzle cone that acted as recesses for the attachment
>> screws. This will be rectified by drilling deeper holes. The second
>> test firing of the VIC-2 motor is scheduled for Saturday, March 1st.
>>    Close-up video-captures of motor firing:
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/vic-2b_starting.jpg
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/vic-2b_thrusting.jpg
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/vic-2b_burnout.jpg
>>   Videos of test firing:
>> http://youtu.be/htpYBGZtrSI
>> http://youtu.be/nkPF4ldzP7A
>> (videos courtesy Vicente Alvero)
>> -The planned firing of the 4-grain DD-slot motor, currently scheduled
>> for Saturday, March 1st, may have to be postponed due to expected
>> severe weather at the FAR experimental test site.
>> -Antoon Vyverman reports recent progress with the propellant melting
>> system that the VRO group is developing for SS2S. Antoon wrote "Pol
>> has almost finalized the mechanical part of the melting system. The
>> aluminum tubes have been anodized. David Steemans can now finalize the
>> heating control system. In the meantime a sufficient quantity of
>> sorbitol was bought to be able to start the testing. For the testing,
>> we will use a mixture of salt (NaCl) and sorbitol".
>> - Vicente Alvero has supplied photos of recently machined parts for
>> Ablative Experimentation Part III. These parts were expertly machined
>> by a volunteer in Spain by the name of Pedro Brines.
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/img_1655a.jpg
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/img_1656a.jpg
>> http://sugarshot.org/downloads/img_1657a.jpg
>> http://sugarshot.org/tool-raffle/index.html
>> ---------------------------
>> -Sugar Shot to Space is on facebook. Check us out.
>> http://tinyurl.com/2exr92k

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