[SS2S-Main] Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report - Dec.2-15, 2013

  • From: Richard Nakka <richard.rocketry@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 20:44:53 -0600

Highlights of recent developments on the DoubleSShot project
-Jeff Moore has kindly set up a new Sugar Shot to Space e-mail list,
to replace the now defunct ss-main e-mail list. The previous list
server was compromised by spammers and the list owner, Dave McCue,
wisely shut down the list. Due to unforeseen issues, getting the new
list up and running took much longer than expected. However, that has
been resolved and the new list is serving us well so far…!
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-The technical report that Vicente Alvero prepared on his experiments
with various ablative materials, as intended for the nose cone tip,
has been uploaded to the SS2S website.

-Vicente Alvero reports that he has received the wooden mould for
Ablative Experimentation No.3 (aerodynamic heating of nose cone). The
mould was crafted by Matias Toledano (a volunteer in Spain). This
particular testing will be based on the NASA technical report
TM-X-1330 (“Performance of Three Ablation Materials During Simulation
of Long-duration Afterbody Heating”).
   Wooden mould:
(photo courtesy Vicente Alvero)
    Excerpt from TM-X-1330, illustrating the test article:
   NASA TM-X-1330 report download:

-A regular avionics telecon was held Sunday Dec.15. Participants were
Chris King, Han Olaf Toft, Rick Maschek and Richard Nakka. Chris
described (and provided photos of) the new “Umbilical Box” that he
recently constructed for the DSS avionics payload. The box serves two
important purposes: to allow for ease of switching between vehicle
internal power source and an external power source; provides test
points to verify that all power supply busses are functioning
correctly. Chris also provided a photo of the tripod and helical
antenna arrangement that he prepared. This (donated) antenna will be
used for receiving the live video feed from the rocket during flight.
Chris additionally reported that he has begun testing of the avionics
“motherboard” that he received from Hans a while back. A few glitches
have shown up, but nothing serious so far.
   UFC-4 flight computer with Breakout Box (left) and Umbilical Box (right):
   Umbilical Box:
   Helical antenna and tripod
   Avionics motherboard made by Hans:
(photos courtesy Chris King)

- Vicente Alvero has supplied photos of components of the VIC-2 test
rocket motor, which is a 106mm (4.2”) M-class motor. This motor will
be used for various SS2S related testing of motor components and
materials. The initial motor firings will test ablative nozzle liner
and a composite nozzle cone. The parts were kindly machined by
volunteers in Spain, who’s names have been added to our list of
   Drawing of VIC-2 rocket motor:
   VIC-2 Forward Bulkhead being machined:
   Completed VIC-2 Forward Bulkhead:
   Nozzle being machined:
   Completed VIC-2 Nozzle:
(photos courtesy Vicente Alvero)

-Richard has begun work on fabricating the carbon composite nozzle
exhaust cone for the VIC-2 motor. The cone will be fabricated using
several plies of donated carbon prepreg, which are to be wrapped
around a steel mandrel. Curing is planned to be done in an industrial
autoclave at elevated temperature and pressure. The steel mandrel was
expertly machined by Alex Canela, a Spanish volunteer who kindly
donated his time and effort.
   Cutting out patterns from roll of carbon prepreg material:
   Mandrel for nozzle cone:
   Pieces of carbon prepreg fabric cut to shape:
(photos courtesy Richard Nakka)

-Rick Maschek reports that the planned test firings of Randy Dorman’s
89mm (3.5”) rocket motor, with DD-slot grains, is a GO for this coming
Saturday at the FAR test site. Three test firings are planned, with 2,
4 and 6 grains respectively. If all goes well with these tests, the
DSS TM-4 motor will be geared up for test firing early in the new

-A fundraising raffle will be held in the near future to collect funds
to pay for various SS2S projects, such as the ablative
experimentations and the VIC-2 motor tests. The prizes for the raffle
are several high quality hand tools (all donated). More details will
be revealed in the weeks ahead.
    Some of the tools that will be awarded as prizes:
(photo courtesy Vicente Alvero)

-Sugar Shot to Space is on facebook. Check us out.

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