[SS2S-Main] Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report -- Apr​.21-May 25, 2014

  • From: Richard Nakka <richard.rocketry@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sugarshot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 11:03:45 -0500

Highlights of recent developments on the DoubleSShot project
- Florin Mingireanu has completed the Launch Controller that will
initially be used for the VIC series of static motor firings. Florin
has shipped the unit to Vicente Alvero, who will be using it for the
first time this coming weekend.
  Photos of Launch Controller:

-An Avionics telecon was held Sunday May 25th , and was attended by
Chris King, Hans Olaf Toft, and Richard Nakka. Although no new
progress was reported, both Chris and Hans committed to making new
developments in the next two weeks. The commitment was also made to
fly the DSS Dart with the completed avionics package within the next
two months. Details will be worked out in the coming weeks as to how
this can be best accomplished. The next telecon is scheduled for June

-The SS2S donor page has been updated to acknowledge the Florin’s
generous donation of a Launch Controller.

-The SS2S Documentation page has been updated with two new documents:
1) “Static Test Motor VIC-2C: Propellant Grain Preparation, Motor
Assembly Procedure and Firing Instructions”.
2)”VIC Series Rocket Motor, Rocket Motor Data Acquisition Manual”

-Yoann Gamet has completed a first draft of a one-dimensional analysis
of VIC-3 dual-phase burn. Once completed, the report will be posted on
the SS2S Documentation page. Yoann will next be tackling a 2-D CFD
analysis to better understand and quantify the severe chamber wall
heating effects that occur at the beginning of the second burn.

-Markus Bindhammer has submitted the COSMA robot astronaut project to
the Hackaday Prize (http://hackaday.io/prize/mission). The Hackaday
Prize has a vision to get Hackers, Designers, and Engineers to build
the next evolution of hardware to deliver “a future that is rich with
intuitive and useful technology”. The Hackaday Prize will send one
person into space (or cash option of $196,418) for building the next
evolution of hardware. Markus’s entry:
You can follow the project and/or give "skulls" to support the project.

-Mattias Lampe has performed some experiments using a modified webcam
to capture images in the infrared light range. The goal of the
experiments is to determine if it may be possible to use an
inexpensive camera to record a rocket motor during static firing, to
observe ‘hot spots’ on the motor chamber. Mattias reports:
>Objects hotter than approximately 260 degrees Celsius (about 500 degrees 
>Fahrenheit) seem to “light up” in the near infrared image. The hotter the 
>brighter, so at least a relative temperature comparison is possible. The tip 
>of a hot soldering iron, for example, appears to shine quite brightly when 
>looking at it through a modified webcam.
>Hot combustion gases show up brightly in the IR image, even if they are 
>invisible to the naked eye.
   This is me frying an egg as seen by a normal webcam (visible light only):
   Please note the familiar short, blue gas flame.  Looking only at
the IR componente with a modified webcam, the flame looks totally
    The hot gas moving upward is visible, and after shutting down the
flame you can see the metal frame “glowing” for quite a while. The
frying pan itself does not light up because it never really exceeds
200 degrees C.  Here is a post-processed version of the video with a
so-called gradient-mapping applied to the IR video:
    The camera that only had the IR blocking filter removed but no
blocking filter for visible light installed took the following video:

-Congratulations to Daniel Larsen who was the winner of the SS2S Tool
Raffle Early Bird Draw. Daniel won a nifty OHAUS Valor 2000 digital
scale with 15 kg capacity.

HURRAY, ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT……to enter the SS2S Tool Raffle extravaganza.
Four tool lots to be given away, with the draw being made following
closing of the contest on May 31st. PURCHASE YOUR TICKET AND SUPPORT
-Sugar Shot to Space is on facebook. Check us out.

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