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We used CuO-Al thermite for the ProtoSShot and MiniSShot motors but discarded 
its use for the DoubleSShot, instead using conventional igniters to ignite a 
small propellant motor inside the core and using that flame to ignite the 
surrounding motor. We used a similar system to ignite the 12 APCP motors I 
helped make for the Myth Busters JATO 3 episode: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHUsGFGhfmk with all 12 of the motors used on 
their two cars and a static test igniting successfully the first time.
On the TM-1 and TM-2 motor tests this year, we used Estes motors to light the 
core:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykLyrmrDKg8 successfully igniting those 
motors the first time.
The Double D motor is different in not having a core. A new bulkhead has been 
made, learning from the results of the last K-motor test, to facilitate grain 
and igniter installation for this motor. A central igniter will be used to 
ignite a disk of APCP attached to the top grain. Grooves will be cut to direct 
the APCP flame front down the two uninhibited sides of the sugar grains and 
igniting the motor.


Mark: I bought a couple of inexpensive digital stop watches, one for timing 
when the on-board video camera is started a flight rockets, and one for 
measuring time during high speed videos. 
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Our experience with CuO-Al is mixed. It lit well but burned too fast to ignite 
the grain everywhere and it left a residue of pure copper in the throat. We are 
experimenting with using CuO-Al to light gypsum thermite which can be cast and 
burns slower. The jury is still out but the first results are promising.
Best regards 
Jeppe Locht 
/Danish Space Challenge  
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Emne: [SS2S-Main] Re: Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report - Dec.16-20, 2013

NICE work guys!!!! 
Good burn data, no cato - that's a start!

Agreed on the thermite Mark!
I had SOGGY motors (humitidy/igintion/delay issues) that ignited instantly with 
CuO-Mg thermit. It's easy to use - and I've made small grains of it using NC 
laqour (water free acetone is required!) and I love it. BP+Ti grains also works 
well but nothing beats CuO-Mg. 
Incase you wonder - Fe2O3-Mg/Al are harder to ignite. 


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>Nice burn!  In the absence of a thrust curve, this looked and sounded like a 
>neutral burn with roughly 7+ seconds at full thrust.  The slo-mo of the 
>pressure gauge confirms the chamber pressure stabilized quickly at a plateau.* 
> The sliver sieve also seemed to work, and all its holes looked patent after 
>the test fire.  I did see, at 3:56-57, a gum-wrapper size piece of thin 
>metal/thick foil fly through the frame.  Any idea what that was?  
>Looks to me like the new grain design is a winner.   It makes me start to 
>ponder how well it'd scale down!
>As for the ignition, well ... thermite???  ;-)
>Mark L.
>* You might consider sticking one of those cheap quarter-size stick-on digital 
>clocks on the test-stand girder within the slo-mo camera frame so the viewer 
>could directly correlate time to pressure ... not that it would've made much 
>difference with this burn.

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