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Thank you Mark and Cliff! I will hold on to this list.

On Monday, May 12, 2014 10:28 PM, Cliff Bates <cliff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I'd add one more Mark.  Run 
the vacuum cleaner motor off the can for a few minutes when done 
machining.  The humidity and mist in the can plays hell with the motor 
windings, bearings, and brushes.  This simple airing gets rid of that 
A good list Mark.
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>Here's a summary of the  suggestions I got back from my off-list inquiry about 
>graphite  machining:
>--  Cover the lathe rails and bed.  Mount a thin shop vac extension head as 
>close as possible to where the  bit is throwing the cutoff, such that the tip 
>of the vac head is following the  bit. Add general forced ventilation around 
>the lathe and into open air to keep  the dust level low.
>-- Build a water trap.  Run the vacuum source (small water-capable shop vac) 
>into a 5-gal bucket w/ lid and fitting for hose which draws above the water 
>Fill bucket half-full of water and a few drops of liquid soap.  Run the 
>hose into the bucket but extend the fitting attached to lid BELOW the water 
>close to the bottom of the bucket.  The graphite dust collects nicely this way 
>w/o much of a mess.  But, expect it to be noisy.
>-- Machining tip:  Slower revs and deeper cuts will place more stress on the 
>material (which can be flakey at the best of times), but produces larger chips 
>that aren’t as dirty as the finer stuff.
>-- Also suggested:  “squirt motor oil on it once per pass,and clean any 
>afterward using isopropanol.”
>Mark L.

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