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Here's a summary of the suggestions I got back from my off-list inquiry about 
graphite machining:


--Cover the lathe rails and bed.  Mount a thinshop vac extension head as close 
as possible to where the bit is throwing thecutoff, such that the tip of the 
vac head is following the bit. Add generalforced ventilation around the lathe 
and into open air to keep the dust levellow.
-- Build a water trap.  Run the vacuum source (small water-capable shop vac) 
into a 5-gal bucket w/ lid and fitting for hose which draws above the water 
Fill bucket half-full of water and a few drops of liquid soap.  Run the working 
hose into the bucket but extend the fitting attached to lid BELOW the water 
close to the bottom of the bucket.  The graphite dust collects nicely this way 
w/o much of a mess.  But, expect it to be noisy.
-- Machining tip:  Slower revs and deeper cuts will place more stress on the 
material (which can be flakey at the best of times), but produces larger chips 
that aren’t as dirty as the finer stuff.
-- Also suggested:  “squirt motor oil on it once per pass, and clean any 
afterward using isopropanol.”

Mark L.

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