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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 10:17:41 +0100

Hi Mattias,To use the parallel port, I will use an old computer to which you 
will install the Linux operating system CNC. I think those motors will have 
enough force to move the machine, but maybe with some less torque is also 
sufficient. What do think? Also an important fact to keep in mind is the thread 
tension. I do not find this information in any hand, how can you help with 
this? with respect to the controller board and the drivers, you say that is a 
little older, what system you propose? I have practically defined the 
structure, just missing the transmission system and electronics, ie, chain 
sprockets, pulleys, gears, motors, drivers and control board. Can you help me 
with this?
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To: 'sugarshot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 09:05:40 +0800
Subject: [SS2S-Main] Re: Linux CNC

Dear Vicente,
I think you are most likely looking at two identical packages. The stepper 
driver is definitely the same Chinese brand (Wantai motors) and type, and I’d 
 the  only difference between the packages is the power supply (48V in the 
Chinese package vs. 60V in the Spanish one).
I’ve also checked the price here in China (in Wantai’s local online shop), and 
it’s only slightly cheaper (1390RMB) than your ebay link.

I’ve asked a friend (experienced CNC geek) for his opinion about the product 
and let you know as soon as I get feedback.
The main argument for buying from the Spanish vendor would be the 
easier/cheaper handling of warranty issues. If you buy from China and happen to 
get faulty
 devices, it’s more expensive and troublesome to get the replacement. It’s a 
tradeoff between price and risk.
… oh, already got feedback while typing this. I’ll just copy and paste it here:
>Is he really going to be using the DB25 (parallel) interface…   then he
>needs a stationary pc with a parallel port…
>I’d recommend to go for the USB based versions.
>The steppers and controllers are monster good and the PSU is quite fine…
>the controller board is very old fashion.
>I can quickly find some better replacement parts for him if you like.
>and concerning the code…  there are some really nice software to handle
>this that is commonly used for 3D printers and would benefit him a lot….
>Maybe that would be the way to go…  then he can run the control on
>Win/Lin/Mac or what ever he weants.
>And all he is making should be done using gcode, clearly the easiest way
>to make this…   he would only need 10-100 commands looped to weave a
>whole tube.  And it is pretty easy to hand code.
I suppose I can hook you two up later if you have more questions.
Hope it helps,

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Hi friends,

lately I am (among other projects) investigating the possibility of creating a 
filament winding machine for the construction of our carbon fiber tubes. 

This machine has a CNC system. This machine will be operated by the Linux CNC 

I ask for help, to make use of your experience. I found two internet providers 
complete kits. 

The first gives me this: 380 €, shipping included.

2 PCS Nema 34 Stepper Motor with 1600oz-in holding torque on 85BYGH450C-012,

 2 PCS Stepper Driver with 8.2A DQ860MA

 2 PC  Power Supply for 350W,60VDC,

 1 PC Breakout Board DB25

The second gives me this: 205 € and in the absence of knowing the price of 


The first is from Spain (I'm from Spain) and the second is from China. 

The shipping cost of the second provider will be above 100 € (need 

Which of the two recommend?

Regarding the software, I do not know how to use. I will start to study once 
the machine is in the process of manufacture. But is there any volunteer who 
can offer online help, and even make
 some program?




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