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I know two people who made a winding machine, one of them sells carbon tubes 
for sail ships.

I am also thinking of it, but had no time yet for it.

If you have no experience in cnc, either machine construction and programming, 
then you will have a hard start, but it is possible. 

You will not need 8.2A steppers, small 3-4 A steppers will be sufficient. You 
will need a slow but strong stepper as turning motor, the best is with a 
transmission on it.
Also you will need 2 axes, one Z and one X-Axis, only Z is not enough. So 3 
steppers, one big with transmission, and two smaller ones for the filament.
The Z and X-Axis need to be fast, so big large motors are wrong here.

Then you need long steel guides, THK and others make these. Since precision is 
not needed, you can also use a steel ruler and make a slide with ball bearings 
as a guide.

Check out nanotec, and use Leadshine stepper drivers, a Meanwell 48V power 
source, that is the czurrent standard in europe for smaller cnc machines.
It will cost a bit, but that is material you can rely on. 

Next problem you can think of is: How to get the tube from the core… Not an 
easy task.

Here you find a german thread from one of these machines, a large one for large 
carbon tubes.






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Hi friends,

lately I am (among other projects) investigating the possibility of creating a 
filament winding machine for the construction of our carbon fiber tubes. 

This machine has a CNC system. This machine will be operated by the Linux CNC 

I ask for help, to make use of your experience. I found two internet providers 
complete kits. 

The first gives me this: 380 €, shipping included.

2 PCS Nema 34 Stepper Motor with 1600oz-in holding torque on 85BYGH450C-012,

 2 PCS Stepper Driver with 8.2A DQ860MA

 2 PC  Power Supply for 350W,60VDC,

 1 PC Breakout Board DB25

The second gives me this: 205 € and in the absence of knowing the price of 


The first is from Spain (I'm from Spain) and the second is from China. 

The shipping cost of the second provider will be above 100 € (need 

Which of the two recommend?

Regarding the software, I do not know how to use. I will start to study once 
the machine is in the process of manufacture. But is there any volunteer who 
can offer online help, and even make some program?



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