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Chris, that's a great launch controller system that worked perfectly
when we used it for the MiniSShot. Hang on to it, as it will be
certainly be needed for future SS2S static firings and launches.

This is indeed the type of system we are looking for, for the VIC-3
static tests.


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Here are photos of the design I used for minishot. It seems to meet all the
requirements. Please forward for me as I can't seem to get past some error
in the transmission on my end.

The primary circuit was found at the attached link. It works great but I
added a few improvements to monitor the enclosed battery's voltage. I built
mine in a 50 cal ammo can for an enclosure. The orange cords are for the run
to the rocket. They are standard AC cords from the hardware store. The white
cord connects the hand control to the launch box. It is a long standard
telephone cord. The black cords are used to split the output if firing dual

It gives audible warning tones when armed and indicates igniter continuity
as desired. It has a safety interlock on the hand controller (the little
black power plug on the top of the hand control is pulled for safety). If
you watch some of the old mini-shot motor videos you can hear the warning
tones during the launch sequence. Dual phases were accomplished with a
separate simple switch box (The little box with the red covered toggle) that
directed the output to one or the other igniter using a toggle switch.



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Let me chime in on this.

What we need, in terms of a launch controller for the VIC-3 motor, is a
simple but reliable system that can be used to ignite this rocket motor. The
motor is a "dual-phase" ( I actually prefer the term dual-burn), meaning
that it has two separate chambers. The aft chamber fires first, then after a
short delay (could be anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds), the second chamber
igniter is fired. The time delay will be manually counted down, so nothing
fancy is needed with regard to the launch controller.

So the requirement is simply two launch controllers in a single package.
Safe operation is, of course, important. For example, it should have a
safe/arm mode. There should be no chance of inadvertently  firing the second
chamber first (the motor would cato).
And it should have the capability to verify igniter continuity, for both
igniters. As Vicente mentioned, it should connect to an external 12V
battery....although this may not be a strict requirement, if a suitable and
reliable internal battery can do the job.


On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 5:37 PM, Florin Mingireanu
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> Hello,
> Can you iterate more on the requirements for the launch controller?
> On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 12:34 AM, vicente Alvero Zambrano
> <vicente_alvero_14@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi followers of sugar shot to space project Is there any volunteer
>> who is interested in designing and building a launch controller for
>> the VIC-3 two-stage rocket?
>> Thanks in advance
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