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 Apologies if you've already been sent this, but it could make such a 

best wishes,


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                          Hi there
    Continuing on with the process of improved broadband speed in the    
parish, I received the email below from WCC who are very keen to    receive 
support for upgrading broadband services.
    Can I aks you please, to read the message below and take a few    minutes 
(that's all it takes, promise!) to register your support via    a survey on the 
WCC website - link is below. The survey has to be    completed by 2nd September 
    Could you also forward to those in your address book living in (and    
around) the parish as the more interest the Council receive, the    more likely 
it will be that we will see improvements to the    telephony infrastructure in 
the Parish and hopefully faster    broadband.
    kind regards
    Hilary Pitt

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Broadband Survey
Mon, 23 Jul 2012 10:29:03 +0100
Broadband (PEP) <broadband@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Good            Morning,
You            have previously shown support for faster Broadband for           
 Worcestershire, for example, you may have sent us a letter            of 
support, or completed our survey last Autumn and asked to            be kept 
Thank            you for this support as it helped us to create            
Worcestershire's Local Broadband Plan and secure funding            from 
Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) of £3.35m.
There            is now the opportunity to help us to gather evidence of        
    demand for faster            Broadband in your local area by completing a 
short survey at            www.worcestershire.gov.uk/broadband             
before 2 September 2012. 
We            need to hear from as many households and businesses as            
possible including previous respondents. The survey builds            on the 
questions asked previously â?? it doesn't take long to            complete and 
could make a big difference. 
Can              you help us spread the word?
When            you have completed the survey it would be really helpful if     
       you could encourage people            you know well that would be 
interested in faster Broadband            for Worcestershire to complete the 
survey. There are two            versions of the survey â?? one for residents 
and one for local            businesses and respondents need to be aged 18 
years or over.
Below            is an email signature which can be simply forwarded to         
   people you know well in Worcestershire.  A suggested            draft email 
is provided which may help when forwarding this            on. 
For            more information, please contact the Broadband Team by           
 emailing broadband@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            or calling  01905 766432.
Thank            you again for helping us to evidence the need for faster       
     Broadband in your area.
Kind            regards,
Broadband            Team
Please            complete a short survey today and you will            be 
supporting faster Broadband for Worcestershire -            a few minutes can 
make a great difference.
Faster            Broadband is vital for local businesses and residents.        
    Worcestershireâ??s councils and partners are working to            increase 
Broadband speeds and need your help to show demand            locally.
If            you want faster Broadband, either now or in the future â?? you    
        do need to say now. 
When            you have completed the survey, don't            forget to pass 
this on to people you know well that would be            interested in faster 
Broadband for Worcestershire.
The            survey doesn't take long to complete and is easily available     
       at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/broadband          or            via 
Facebook at www.facebook.com/broadbandworcs
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      be subject to legal privilege and copyright. If you are not the 
      intended recipient please do not publish or copy it to anyone      else. 
      Please contact us by using the reply facility in your email      software 
      and then remove it from your system. 
      Although this email and attachments have been scanned for viruses      
      malware, Worcestershire County Council accepts no liability for      any 
      loss or damage arising from the receipt or use of this      
      Monitoring of Email
      Worcestershire County Council may monitor traffic data and the      
      of email for lawful business purposes. 

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