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Hi All,

Has anyone used SR with a netbook pc such as the Asus 1000HE? Most people say that the Netbook PC is not good with applications that require heavy processing. Would the audio production suffer when using SR on a netbook to record? Thanks.

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Hello all,

I found that most of my editing on my 30-minute file involved huge amounts
of scrubbing in order to remove a plethora of clicks, coughs, ums, etc. The
accuracy I experienced when removing unwanted pieces of the file was just
amazing to me.  what a superb feature.

I was thinking that one feature which might be of assistance would be an
automatic snap to the low or no volume point between two points in order to
facilitate quicker scrubbing.

Consider this:  suppose I say the phrase "the quick brown fox jumped over
the lazy dogs," and someone nearby made a noise during brown fox.  My
objective is to eliminate that phrase with its offending noise.
What I have to do is stop play when I hear the q of quick and begin
scrubbing until I get to the low or no volume point between quick and brown.
It is there that I put my beginning selection marker.
Next, I do the same with the f of fox; I stop when I hear the f of fox, and
scrub to the right again until I reach the small blank between fox and
jumped, and put the right selection marker there; then I hit delete and it
works really well.
The only problem is that scrubbing takes time which is ok.  But, what if I
could mark the q of quick and the b of brown, and then hit a keystroke which
would find the no or low volume point between those two marks and
automatically put the first selection mark there.
Then, I could mark the f of fox and the j of jumped, and hitting the
keystroke again, I would snap to the lowest or no volume point between fox
and jumped and the right selection mark would be placed there. I could then simply hit delete and the edit would be completed in a much faster and more
efficient manner.
I would imagine that many might believe that looking for the no or low
volume point between two words might not give you the accuracy you wanted,
but that's all I did when scrubbing my errors out, and it seemed to work
just fine.
I think automating the same process could be very very useful, as at least
for me, it was the scrubbing which took the most time.


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