[studiorecorder] Re: special affects in studio recorder?

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  • Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 13:13:04 -0400

Last I checked, the pitch changing affects the speed, too. If you raise it up 
an octave, it 
sounds like a chipmunk at high speed. Audacity does that, without the high 
speed part. Just what we need!
On Sat, 5 Nov 2011 13:00:28 -0400, Harry Brown wrote:

>Hi Tyler,
>See this quote from the studio recorder manual below.  It sounds like,  (at 
>least from this part of the manual, that pitch can be changed!
>"Change Pitch 
>The change pitch command modifies the pitch of the document or a selection.  
>This command can be used, for example, to restore recorded material to its  
>original pitch, assuming the original pitch can be determined.
>Note that this command removes all index tones in its path.The Change  Pitch 
>dialog contains two edit boxes where you specify the pitch change relative  to 
>the current pitch. The first box contains the number of semitones to deflect  
>the current pitch, and the second box contains the number of cents. A semitone 
>is one note of the twelve-tone musical scale, and a cent is 1 / 100 of a  
>semitone. This gives you very fine control of the pitch change. Use posative  
>values to increase the pitch, and negative values to decrease the pitch.  
>Note that changing the pitch also changes the time of the modified  material.
>There is one more control in the dialog, the quality box. Using a higher  
>quality setting takes longer, but uses a better resampling process for the 
>pitch  change. These quality settings are the same as the ones found in the 
>Resample  dialog."
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>Subject: [studiorecorder] Re: special    affects in studio recorder?
>I once heard that one of my friends had temporarily used    Audacity, a 
>audio editor. With 
>it, the pitch could be increased,    but not the speed. Just what we need in 
>Studio Recorder!
>On Sat, 5 Nov 2011    11:52:37 -0400, Harry Brown wrote:
>>Hi Judy and    all,
>>I agree with you, completely!
>>I think it would be so cool    if there was a way to take all the special  
>>in Gold Wave,    (and those are found, all in 1 folder, right?) If that  
>>could be copyed to the clipboard, then pasted into the studio    recorder  
>>you would then have all the affects you    need!
>>Of course, we'd have to put in a menu item called special    affects.
>>Who knows, just thinking outloud.  Is this even possible    to do?I  haven't 
>>it yet, but I'm thinking about trying it    with my version of studio  
>>It's already got    multitracking, now all we need is  the affects.
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>>From:Judy       Watford
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>>Subject: [studiorecorder] Re:    special    affects in studio recorder?
>>I would get rid    of all other recording programs if we could    have a    
>>reduction    plugin...
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>>Studio Recorder was originally designed for    use    in producing digital 
>>books, so there    aren't any special effects    built  in.

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