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  • Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2021 12:31:14 -0500

Hello Neal, my name is Solomon and I am on the Studio Recordder user's' list. I read your comments often.
You posted a link to dBpoweramp a file converting application in your response to Steve's request. I could not open the link from my email. Would you be so kind and put the actual URL in your email?
Thank you for your help.

At 12:05 PM 3/4/2021, you wrote:

Steve. I use a wonderful converter called dBpoweramp. It is totally accessible. You simply find the file, press the applications key, and select convert. It does more types of files that just about any converter I know of. You can find it <If%20you%20can&.htm#025;t%20find>here.


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Hi Steve,

The decision was made last year to not support AAC (M4A) files. It really came down to licensing.


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Subject: [studiorecorder] question for Rob

Hey Rob. I have used studio recorder for radio production work for many years, and it works so well.
I do have a question about support for M4a files
Is there any possible plans for support of M4A files in studio recorder. Some times we have to deal with m4a files at the station. People sometimes record reports on there phones, and send them in to the production team. At the moment we have to convert these files in soond forge or gold wave, before we can use them in studio recorder. So I was wondering if at some stage you may be able to add support of these files.
I totally understand if this is not possible. We will continue to use studio record as it is very good for stereo two track recording, doing running edits, and mixing files together.

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