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In answer to your first question, press the letter C to clear the contents
of the clipboard. That one tripped me up too. 

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Hi All,

First, a problem I am having.

If I copy something to the clipboard with control+C, and then paste it, all
is well.  However, if I do this a second time, what I originally copied
keeps getting pasted, even if I select something different with the brackets
and press control+c to copy something completely different.
I have to close and reopen SR to fix this.  Any idea why this is happening?

Also, I have tracks on a CD that have multiple elements.  In other words, I
have a 25 minute long file with small audio elements that are separated by a
few seconds.  Is there anyway to use Studio to separate these elements into
separate files?  Could I use the CD block commands somehow to do this?


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