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  • Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 06:39:17 -0400

Thanks Curtis and Mary.

Regarding the rw and ff keystrokes, I deliberately set them for three 
seconds which I like because I can move quickly around in a file while it is 
playing.  However, when the file has been stopped, the three second jump is 
no longer honored.  In other words, the rw and ff keys act differently when 
a file is playing versus when it is stopped. Can they be made to act the 
same according to one's preference regardless of whether the file is playing 
or not?

Concerning the auto play on navigation, if when a file is stopped, up or 
down arrow is hit, the navigation occurs and the file starts playing if auto 
play on navigation has been checked.  I would like the same thing to occur 
when rw and ff are hit in a stopped file.  I guess my bottom line is that 
for a stopped file, why doesn't rw and ff navigation engage auto play as 
does the up and down arrow sequences.

Again thanks.

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I'll reply below your questions.

At 10:56 PM 3/14/2009, you wrote:

>1. I was 20 minutes in to a 30 minute file today and I hit shift-f6 to
>insert something I had left out.  When I hit escape, I found that the piece
>I inserted was the last thing in the file and the last ten minutes had been
>thrown away.  Thank the universe for the undo feature which allowed me to
>get my ten minutes of hard work back.  Does anyone know why the shift-f6
>might have done that?

You had something selected and did not undo your selection. SR always
records where you are selected, always undo selections after you've
made them, even if when you delete what you've selected.

>2. I set rewind and fast forward to three seconds and it works fine during
>playback; however when a file is stopped, these keys revert to the very 
>distances that are the default.
>Does anyone know why the setting doesn't hold in stop as it does in play?

That may be the view you have displayed? I am not sure, though I
wonder why you have such huge amounts of jump when you hit left or
right arrow. You can use pre-roll and post roll for 3 seconds
listening before and after your current position.

>3. I converted my file to mp3 for posting as a podcast and during the
>process, the percentages didn't automatically speak; can this be corrected
>so the screen reader can track the progress?

You could set a window at the bottom of your screen to keep track and
update at a given percentage, though a feature may be added, Rob
could have an idea about this.

>4. The play on navigation only works on the up and down arrow key 
>please consider allowing it to work on the rewind and fast forward key
>sequences as well.  It's very frustrating to use these keys and to have to
>constantly hit play after each rewind or ff after a stop. I prefer moving 
>small chunks of time than by phrases or the like as time movement is much
>more exacting and predictable.

When I hit rewind, fast forward, during play, there are no stops,
skips by small increments, or by one minute steps with alt-left for
back and alt-right for forward. Up, down, are for phrase navigation,
and also work during play, skipping you forward, (down arrow) or
back, (up arrow), by phrases, and continue playing. I wonder why your
copy stops when you navigate by phrases? Do you have toggles turned
on, though I don't know if that is the reason or not.

Take care Don, and, hey, this program definitely has my vote and I've
use the other main ones which we use, both GW and SF, in fact use SF
because of it's NR capabilities, but for editing, SR just outshines
them all, bar none whatever.

Curtis Delzer.

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