[ST:FAB] [WK][80711.23] Notes about the Astramata and Romanum Universe

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here are some notes for the USS White Knight's forray into the Roman Empire 

okee... first off... the symbol for the Astramata/Astrafleet is the top/upward 
curves of the starfleet/cochrane-delta with an arrowhead-n-stubby-shaft filling 
the center, can be on a red circle... if anyone cares to make a stab at drawing 
this, send it to me for review

rank?is depicted by a series of single wings instead of pips, admiral ranks by 
paired wings ("birds")

as romans are rather stagnat in their sense of innovation, their technology is 
equivalent to what we have seen in the TMP-era movies

the master language of the Imperium Romanum is Latin, with some scattered greek 
for scientific terms, but of course there are UTs... note that some words and 
terms are not necessarily authentic or accurate, plus ive taken some atristic 
licensing which i shall explain as either because it was not our universe and 
or that usages changed over the centuries

here are some of the terms you will find in use:

> Terre Primus ..... Earth
> Imperium Romanum Astrata (Roman Star Empire) ..... analog of the federation, 
> including the federation sphere of exploration (romans dont explore, they 
> claim and conquer)
> Ceasar?....?the emperor, in?this case Ceasar Quan (::smirggles at cory::)
> Counsul .... roughly an ambassador, but instead of promoting peace his job is 
> to prompt and express the will of the emperor
> Proconsul ..... the governor of a planet, usually a human left in oversight
> First Citizen ..... the individual of a conquered planet who is resposnible 
> for the actions of the people.. depending upon the race/planet in question, 
> this can be more a hotseat/punishment with a high turnover?than a priviledge
> Imperator ..... admiral
> Prefect ..... in charge of a starbase, a desk-bound praetor
> Praetor .... commodore
> Primus Pilus .... fleet captain
> Primus ..... captain
> Centurian ..... commander, responsible for 100 men
> Opturian ..... lieutenant commander, a centurian-in-training, literally 
> "Optional Centurian" or deputy centurian, responsible for less than 100, 
> reports to a centurian, a way for a centurian to have more than 100 under his 
> command, or when a department requires less than 100 staff (i.e medical)
> cohort ..... crewman
> conscript ..... non-human pressed into service to the empire but more than a 
> slave
> citizen ..... any member of astrafleet past or current in good standing, 
> usually human
> non-citizen ..... refers usually to a human not in astrafleet
> slave ..... generally a non-human in the empire, or a human who was 
> dishonarable discharged, outright?refused to join astrafleet or otherwise 
> *lost* citizenship

slaves wear simple shifts/tunics with embrodered chains at their collars, the 
number of links in that chain indicated their relative position as a slave, the 
more the lower in stature... they also have a chain tattooed about their neck 
which must remain visible at all times, any attempt to cover it is an automatic 
death sentence which only ceasar may overturn... and good luck reaching his 
attention.... lol

Vulcan/Vulcans are known by their native name: T'Khasi/Khassu
Romulans are known by their native name: Ch'Rihan/Rihannsu... and are the 
strongest opponent to the Imperium

oh, and klingons have taken the place of "lions" in the arenas, as in "throwing 
christians to the klingons"

classes of starship will not retain the same names... for example, the 
Enterprise's constitution-class will be the *Tiberus-class*

lol.. thats the start!? this is actually turning into a fun universe... might 
make it a reoccuring setting....

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