[ST:FAB] Re: [ST:FAB][ALL][80711.27] Cutting thru the crap

  • From: Trancegemini26@xxxxxxx
  • To: stfab@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:46:59 EST

sorry about this between me and this person,it got a tad out of  cause i had 
my share of whiners in the past that just got under my skin where it  took all 
the fun out. now that i know drey more,the more we are helping one  another 
to understand. i told her that this was just a out of the blue thing  where we 
all started to mass e-mail the string and that this normally doesn't  happen 
most of the time. when i read the first two e-mails,it just got  underneath my 
skin cause it seemed like she was taking the fun out of simming.  so i will 
apologize for my little outbursts to drey and you all. i see you all  as a 
family,well ones i know and sim with and hope to keep that up for at least  a 
more years.

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