[ST:FAB] [SBV][80711.19] Brief & Tech Notes: Starbase:Voyager!

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Aim Room - SB Alpha, Time - 10 pm EST

The tramp trader *Alexandre Eiffel* is reported overdue from its reconnaisance 
and foraging mission.? Among those onboard is Paris, Talma's fiance.? The newly 
repaired ship belonging to Mik has been impressed into service for the 
mission.? After tracking?indications of a warpcore breach they have come across 
the remains of the *Eiffel* which had managed to eject the warpcore but still 
retained extensive damage, more than half of its escape pods?jettisoned....

(Note:? The Paris character, while being used in the plot as an NPC, is 
actually a PC, and as such is protected by the Rules of RolePlay and thus 
certain things cannot be done to him without that player's permissions.? 
Therefore Paris' fate has to remain as MIA and unaccounted for.? The rest of 
the crew is open for grabs...)

Tech Notes:

Starbase Alpha is a supersized Sb-74 type.? It is about 700 levels tall.? 
Looking downward on the station's floorplans?it is divided into 3 pie-slice 
Sectors arranged about the central core.? These slices are designated as Beta, 
Gamma, and Delta.? Alpha is the central core, with anything outside the main 
hull is considered "Omega".? (ie, EVA walks would be called "going Omega")? The 
levels are lumped into groups of 100(actually 101; Level 0 is filled with 
support machinery for the entire group), each a color of the Standardized 
Spectrum, Red at the top, Violet the bottom.? For some?reason, which may or may 
not have superstitious origins, there are no 13th levels as each Level 12 is 
double-high.? The topmost Command and Ops levels are Infrared, the warpcore 
array at the bottommost levels are?Ultraviolet.?These latter levels number?much 
less than 100.
In this manner, any location within the starbase is refered to by 
Sector-Color-Level (Beta Orange 20).? One of the main civilian areas is the 
Grande Mall, located?Green 1-25 with Green 12 called The Mezzanine.? It has a 
huge open volume at the center (excluding the ever-present central core) known 
as The Atrium. ((Think of 50 DS9 promenades stacked on top of each other))

Unlike Starships, Starbases refer to their Main operational hubs as Centers 
(Ops Center, Med Center, Engineering Center, etc), with many satellite 
mini-hubs scattered strategically throughout.

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