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heya... ya know, this mailstring is not simply for business-only... its also to 
help promote a closer *community* between us star trek fans and fab members... 
thus the new [Fun]?routing block in the subject, which tells you that you only 
need to read [Fun] marked mailings if the mood strikes you, its not at all 

but i still hope yall participate!

okee... onto the topic... 

this week i heard what i personally felt was the funniest line on tv all week...

Show: iCarly
Channel: Nickelodeon

Show: icarly is about a teenage girl and her friends who run a webcast show and 
the situations they get into in.? with carly is her bff sam(antha) and freddy, 
the obligatory tech geek who is hopelessly in love with her...

The Moment:

>Freddy: Don't worry about me, in 20 years I plan to be Carly's 2nd husband
>Carly[interrrupts line of thought with a double take] Wait, what happened to 
>my 1st husband?
>Freddy[Slightly defensive] Nothing that can be proven!

o dear!! i wouldve wet my knickers had i been wearing any, i definately rof and 
lmao for a solid 5 minutes... had i been that age again in that situation 
knowing what i know now about guys and their sincerities and/or lacks there of, 
i would have kissed him...

now, i hope you enjoyed this shared moment and even if you didnt, i still hope 
yall?be motivated to share with us moments from your life that helped you get 
thru the week, beit from tv, movie, book, or just around the office

after all, ST:FAB is a family...

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