[ST:FAB] [All][80710.26] Welcome to the New FAB Mailing List

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  • Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 18:20:53 -0400

Hey gang!? If you are receiving email from this address for the first time, 
then I have successfully added you to the initial subscription list.? 

As most of you know, we suffered a major crippling with the death of the 
co-founder Angel Swan and the loss of the Scientium.com domain.? I've tried 
rebuilding the membership listing from memory and many emails, so I know that I 
have made some errors, duplications, and omissions.? Thus if you are receiving 
this on an address you don't want to or are not receiving it on enough 
addresses if you use more than one, you may make your own corrections at the 
following link.? You may subscribe, unsubscribe, and resubscribe as your 
situation warrants.


Please forward to all members of your sims as well as any interested parties.

I'll be refining aspects of the list, including a FAQ list that *might* even 
include a FAB-specific glossary.

To use the string, simply compose an email to stfab@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?with the 
proper use of Routing Blocks on the subjectline, starting with?Block2 
as?[ST:FAB] is automatically added (see the subject line above).? Remember that 
the [stardate] block must always be updated to the date you are writing, 
replying or forwarding any email on. (Ask if you need to, it will also be one 
of the FAQ topics to come)

Soon to come in the near future will be new webpages.

Love Robin, Fleet Admiral

Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOL Mail! - 

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