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  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:19:21 -0500

okay.. yall ben asking.... so here are the days off for Nov and Dec/Jan... just 
be sure to read to the end....


11/20 - 11/26? ... this affects, in order, Fallen Legions... USS White 
Knight... USS Tsunami... USS Paradox... USS Shadow... Starbase:Voyager!

Christmas/New Year:

12/27 - 1/7? ....? Two weeks off, Starting with Paradox/Shadow, ending with 

these are the days OFF, meaning the days before and after are ON...


when it comes to holidays it is generally (not always...)?my intention that 
EACH sim has off around that time so that none feel "left out" simply because 
their sim is on the edge of the date... which is why you may usually expect a 
full week off..

HOWEVER, sometimes not everyone needs to travel and thus leave early or return 
late... so while FAB might be closed officially, YOUR SIM may still run!!? So 
CHECK with the CO/Host for each sim affected to determine if a sim might RUN 
ANYWAY... (CO's... poll your crews to see their availabilities!! if you decide 
to run ISSUE EMAIL to that effect!!) 

also, if you find yourself online at the time of your sim (or are doing nothing 
else offline) then go sit in your sim room, because if enough show, you can do 
some informal roleplay to build characters and back-drops.. 

THOSE WITH AOL>> we need to start making and sitting in Member Rooms to 
generate interest in FAB and recruiting members, unless someone has a better 
sounding name the official fab MR room is to be >>? ST FAB Recruiting <<

FOR THOSE THAT GOT THIS FAR... Stardates will advance from 80712.dd to 80801.dd 
at the beginning of the year, more on FAB stardates will come seperately..


Love Robin

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