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Following the meeting, a note from Tom:

Here is the paper by Bruce Walsh and Mark Blows I mentioned. Gives a great 
overview of the history and theory behind constraints in G, also references 
several different proposed methodologies (including Kirkpatrick 2009) for 
measuring constraint.


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Subject: [statisticalgenetics] Journal club - 12/07/2012
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*NOTE* there is a change of venue for this week only (3rd floor seminar room 
instead of 7th floor)

Dear all

I'll be presenting this week's journal club, the paper will be:

"Coevolution in multidimensional trait space favours escape from parasites and 
Gilman et al 2012
Nature 483:7389 328-330

Downloads -
Paper: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4674736/nature10853.pdf
Supplementary info: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4674736/nature10853-s1.pdf

Time: 10.15am on Thursday 12th July
Place: 3rd floor seminar room, QBI

See you there!


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