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Dear Alex
The THREAT acronym is a stand-in for a Tarasoff type situation where there is a 
duty to warn and protect. While this may not be a legal, professional or 
ethical requirement in countries other than the USA, the issue of whether there 
exists a likely, identifiable, targeted victim remains urgent. While in Canada 
we have not had clear case law to parallel the California Tarasoff ruling, our 
courts have signalled that should such a case come to court, the bench would 
follow the Tarasoff reasoning and require that arranging for the safety of an 
identified and targeted victim would take preference over client 
confidentiality. The scenario that you describe would  thus not in my view 
qualify as a THREAT. 
Best regards

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Hello Colleagues,

We are debating the proper use of the THREAT at our hospital, and I am hoping 
that we can benefit from the experience of others on the list.

We are attempting to rate a patient who is violent on perhaps a weekly basis. 
The violence is not targeted - the people being assaulted are selected due to 
convenience, not premeditation. Others have been seriously injured by this 
patient. This patient's PRESENT risk for violence is high. 

Would this patient be rated a Yes or No on THREAT? The risk of violence is 
real, enactable, and perhaps acute. However, it is not targeted. Must the risk 
for violence be targeted to be a THREAT on the START, or are the latter three 

Thanks in Advance,


Alexander M. Millkey, Psy.D. 
Evaluation Psychologist
Forensic Evaluation Service
Oregon State Hospital
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