[starbuck2001] Re: a Geneseo Hello

  • From: Booky12563@xxxxxxx
  • To: starbuck2001@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 22:05:47 EDT

Hi Dr. Jones,
   Thank you so much for the manual. I was beginning to miss it. I'm planning 
on drilling every morning before I go to school.  How was your summer after 
the clinic? I started high school. It's so much fun, compared to middle 
school. I think it's because we have more freedom. I'm taking sign language 
this year and a child development class because I want to be a midwife. 
There's only 2 boys in the class. On the first day they walk in the room and 
said that there was to much estrogen in the room!! I've become more social 
now that I'm back from the clinic. I want to join the year book committee and 
maybe the swim team.  However I still hate the phone, but I had a meeting 
with Andy McCormick and he said we can work on my speech breathing and the 
phone. My speech breathing is very weak, but I'll work on it. Well, I just 
wanted to thank you for the manual and apologize for all my wrong doing. I 
hope you don't hate me. I know a lot of people from the clinic probably do. 
It was nice working with you. 
  Love, Alicia. 

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