[starbuck2001] Re: a Geneseo Hello

  • From: "Jeremy Egerer" <pudgy751@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: starbuck2001@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 22:45:27 -0400

hi kathy and everyone.. i just wanted to tell everyone that im doing good, i 
start school tomorrow im not overly excited for it, but im ready for it, i 
know all of you know i crashed the first week that i got home, which was a 
set back, and it has gotten worse, but now i can say im making dramatic 
improvements, and i want to tell bev that you were right i was talking on 
automatic speech for a long time, and it took coming home to wake me up, i 
found out that i do have to speak at the low to jbh level now, and everytime 
i talk i am concentrating more and more about doing that, and its turning 
out great, like i said i have made dramatic improvments, and also my number 
on the sheet is wrong, its (315) 656 2432, on the sheet my area code was 
wrong, and mike i know you can get this, your on the list so mail me back 
for once ok roomie?? haha, and chris i havent heard from you, i mean chris 
TELLING ,about those pics, and hey hardi you better call me or something man 
i miss the sigus!!   hey if anthony and ian, get this try to respond aight?  
havent heard from you guys in a while, well i think thats all for now and i 
hope to see as many of you  guys as i can in october, its right around the 
corner.. till then later and write back


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