[starbuck2001] Re: How are you all?

  • From: SMAGG80@xxxxxxx
  • To: starbuck2001@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 17:23:14 -0400

hi everyone...

i hope everyone's summer is going well. I still can't believe its almost over.  
Im actually already up in Geneseo, beginning my master's program here.  Things 
so far are going good.  But the weather is incredibly hot!! Some other 
news...I'm engaged!! So I'm very excited.  Basically I will be spending my time 
working for my master's and planning my upcoming wedding.  I'm so sorry that 
the summer clinic didn't happen.  It would have been nice to see all of you 
again.  Well anytime you are in geneseo give Nicole and I a call.  We still 
have the same phone number...but we are no longer living in the big blue house. 
 Take care.  and keep in touch.  To all of you starting college (ex: Liz and 
Jermey) have the time of your lives!! and don't forget to study sometimes too 
Talk to you soon!


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