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Hi Tye,

Events like the Premium Networking Event cannot be free as the expense to 
organise food and tables and alcohol is more than we can spend out of our own 
pocket. We are hoping to have more free events next semester. Also, if you are 
available, there is a meeting today at 2.30pm after our exam. Can you make it?

We can discuss future events and our tasks to do in the holidays. There will 
also be two meetings in the holidays and it is essential that you can make 
these. We will discuss dates at the meeting. Hope you can make it.


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Hi guys

Im sorry i missed the sundowner, ive been going through a very rough time. im 
very annoyed I really wanted to be there.

I tried to sell my year group tickets and they were not interested, but quite a 
few people said they would come if it was a free event. Can we make the next 
event free?

I think we would get some more numbers, and hopefully those who attend will 
want to come back/encourage others.



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