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Tuesday works for me :)

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No worries Ellie. Hope you enjoy the trip.

Also guys, what do you think of changing to a Tuesday meeting at 1 or 2 before 
the maths lecture like we had this week? I cant make it to a Wednesday 10 am 
meeting this week since I have a court hearing I have to attend. If you guys 
wanna keep the Wednesday time thats fine too, I will let you guys know what 
needs to be discussed.


On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 9:56 AM, Ellie Lock 
Hi guys,

Unfortunately i will not be able to attend the next meeting or the clubs day, I 
will be in Kalgoorlie for the entire week.
Please accept my apologies and keep me updating.
Contact me if you need anything.
I have purchased 1 page of stickers ($5) to be printed out at the printing 
place at curtin, I will give to Chris.
I will also hand over the tickets to sell for the UWA event.
If there is anything else please let me know,

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