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  • From: Winston Kosasih <wkosasih88@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 00:05:20 +0800

We're all good bro. Glad to have the tension diffused.

I must remind you though that I was not able to make it to the O-Day and
have based my opinions of our recruitment process solely on what I have seen
before I left. As long as we have the correct idea that we should promote
SPE membership towards new students our discussion would have been worth it.

And Chris, while I do respect your experience in running these student clubs
and am glad to have your presence and help in the committee, it might be
best to keep an eye out on your attitude. At times it can be overly brash.
And I'm not just referring to your attitude while in the committee either.

Peace out,

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 10:59 PM, Christopher Coman <
c.coman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  I got that Winston, and thanks for clearing it up, I had misinterpreted
> how you had phrased and put forward what you created. I also refer you to
> http://www.spe.org/groups/chapters/resources.php which links to the ops
> calendar, and suggest you read the links on "How a student chapter is
> formed" and the "Sample Bylaws" to give you a better sense of how things are
> expected to operate, both from the SPE, and from the membership of the club.
>  I apologise for offending you, as that was not my intent, however I found
> your idea that we have missed the whole point of why we set ourselves up
> with the assistance of the department, and the idea that SPE somehow set us
> up and we are a subjugate branch of them went against the grain of what I
> believe successful student clubs embody, being self-determination,
> collaboration and representation.
>  I also found your comment that us recruiting new students was getting
> them into the Curtin guild to be lacking in  accuracy. In no way do we
> promote people joining the guild. We do offer guild members a $5 discount,
> as the guild provides us with significant financial and operational support
> throughout the year. In fact, the only people we care about joining the
> guild are our executive, so that we can remain affiliated to them and
> continue to gain from their support.
>  We are not an SPE section, we are a student chapter. We are not a
> financial or legal part of the SPE and our *main* aim should not be to get
> students to join the SPE, although we certainly encourage that. Your comment
> that "this perception needs to be rectified immediately" came from your own
> incorrect perception, and was ignorant of what we have done so far to
> encourage students to join the SPE, like creating a guided handout for O-Day
> and it will be one of the first things we e-mail out to all students now
> that we have got their "contact details down so we can mail out information
> to them".
>  I'm not about creating tension, but I'm certainly not going to limit my
> self-expression when it comes to things I'm passionate about. You can count
> on me to be straight with you, regardless of how I think it might land, and
> say what is on my mind. You can also trust that I'm always intent on
> empowering and enabling the people around me. If you will not allow tensions
> and conflict to arise then you won't get the benefit of having them
> resolved, so I'm not going to promise never to conflict or to create
> tension. It's healthy. However, I will always have a commitment to get it
> resolved. I don't hang onto stuff once it's communicated.
>  Anyway, glad to have begun this discussion and there may be more to say
> tomorrow. I want to acknowledge your commitment to leading the committee but
> I offer the advice of learning to herd cats. It's not a linear process.
>  Coman
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> *Subject:* specurtin-committee Re: agenda
>   Chris,
>  I find your response a tad bit offensive. If you honestly think that I
> have suggested this in my own interests then you have sadly mistaken.
>  I refer you to this link (
> http://www.spe.org/groups/chapters/OpsCalendar.php) and I quote:
>  "Membership development activities should be conducted."
>  It should be pretty clear that SPE intends for us to recruit student
> members for them. Again, I am not saying we shouldn't recruit members into
> the guild but remember what we refer ourselves as: *SPE*CSC. SPE
> membership takes priority.
>  As for your claim that we set ourselves up let me just ask you one
> question Chris. Who did we have to get approval from before we became set up
> as an SPE student chapter?
>  I would also like to clarify what I meant when I said "Our main aim is to
> get students to become members of SPE". It seems that you have misunderstood
> what I meant. No, I do not mean for us as committee members spend all our
> efforts recruiting student members for SPE. If that had been my intention do
> you think I would have agreed to run all these events? What was the point
> then, of Ziad spending immense amounts of efforts to gather sponsors? What I
> meant is our recruitment focus should mainly be on SPE. It might have been a
> mistake on my part for not communicating this clearly and for this I
> apologize.
>  I know you are passionate about student representation and what not but
> what you have to understand is aside from being a student representation we
> are also a local branch of an association. What that means is that we not
> only have to pay attention to the interests of the students but we also have
> to address those of the association. Remember that if our member count falls
> below a certain number SPE has the right to stop our operations.
>  Now if you still childishly think that I have suggested the above issues
> in my own interests then allow me to apologize. I can endure criticisms and
> accusations, however misjudged they may be but I will not allow tensions and
> conflict to arise in the committee I lead as the only thing it will lead to
> is loss of cooperation and subsequently the downfall of the team.
>  Regards
> Winston
> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 3:40 PM, Christopher Coman <
> c.coman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>  Winston,
>>  Firstly, when recruiting students on O-Day, and at orientation, we are
>> recruiting them to the SPECSC, which is a chapter of the broader SPE. We had
>> handouts for how to join the SPE, and will be encouraging all students who
>> are petroleum engineers to join the SPE. Our membership is not limited to
>> people who join the SPE but of course we will encourage our members to join.
>> We are open to non-petroleum engineers too, and it would probably not be in
>> their best interests to join the SPE, however that is up to them as
>> individuals.
>>  We, as a student club, are also affiliated to the Curtin Student Guild,
>> which comes with a couple of responsibilities, that being giving $5 discount
>> to guild members, as we are also a student club. There are no student clubs
>> australia, or likely world wide, that operate independent of their student
>> representative body. That would be foolish and cut us off from a source of
>> local, on campus assistance and avenues and pathways for advertising and
>> cross-promotion.
>>  Another point I want to address is "why SPE set us up"... No, we set
>> ourselves up with the assistance of the department. We are an independent
>> body affiliated to the SPE. We should realistically have our own
>> constitution (built from the SPE one) that dictates how we operate, and we
>> are definately under the broader umbrella of the SPE, but as far as they are
>> concerned, they do not dictate our actions or control the spending of the
>> money that we raise. In fact, if you read the information on the
>> "exceptional clubs" page you posted, is is the independence and action that
>> we take as a student chapter that gives us that status.
>>  Our main aim is NOT to get students to become members of SPE. And if you
>> think it is, your focus is quite limited. Our purpose is to be a
>> representative body for Petroleum Engineering Students at Curtin University,
>> providing opportunities for them to network, obtain vacation and graduate
>> employment, develop friendships and be able to contribute to their own
>> education and experience of university. Joining SPE is something that will
>> come along with this. We are also not focussed on having students join the
>> guild, however we are required (by our own affiliation) to give a $5
>> discount to those who have joined the guild, since we are Curtin Students,
>> and you personally are required to join the guild if you wish to remain
>> President of a Curtin Student Club, as a condition of our affiliation, which
>> we voted upon as a committee.
>>  Anyway, I've ranted enough. I'm not angry by the way, but student
>> representation is something I am passionate about, and frankly if all you
>> are interested in is getting numbers of people to join SPE, you need to get
>> the attention off yourself and getting a plaque and onto the students and
>> what would make a difference for them.
>>  Authentically,
>> Coman.
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>> *Cc:* Ellie Lock; Lisa Smith; Mofazzal Hossain
>> *Subject:* specurtin-committee Re: agenda
>>    Hey Ellie,
>>  You forgot the graduate program with BG Group.
>>  Also, this was another point I was going to bring up in the meeting but
>> I might as well mention it now. When we talk about recruiting new students,
>> we have always thought that it was for the "club" (the Curtin guild). While
>> this is not a problem, I have figured that we have missed the whole point of
>> why SPE set us up in the first place altogether.
>>  Our main aim is to get students to *become members of SPE*. Not to join
>> the guild club or list their name and contact details down so we can mail
>> out information to them. Remember we ARE SPE, a branch of it, not
>> a separate entity. SPEs aim of expanding their membership is therefore ours
>> as well. This is also the main metric SPE uses to judge how well established
>> a chapter is.
>>  This perception needs to be rectified immediately and I feel the need to
>> discuss how this is going to be achieved and kept track of in our next
>> meeting.
>>  Regards
>> Winston
>> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Ellie Lock <
>> ellie.lock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>  Here u go guys.
>>> Let me know if ive missed anything?
>>> Thanks
>>> Ellie

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