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Looks good. I will have tickets ready for monday. Have attached updated design.

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Hi Guys,

The new menu I have come up with provides a nice balanced selections of foods 
in my opinion. Altogether we have 240 items which gives each guest around 2.4 
serves assuming around 100 show up. This should be more than enough, though if 
anyone disagrees please do not hesitate to let me know. The costs amount to 
$550 which is pretty cheap... almost too cheap if you ask me.

Also with regards to gluten free food Ziad, I have made some selections that do 
not seem to contain gluten though I will check with Ann on Monday to see if 
this is the case. Have a quick look at it and tell me what you think.

Cold Selections:
24 x Cocktail ribbon sandwiches
24 x Assorted cocktail sushi with pickled ginger and soy sauce
24 x Chive and murshroom frittata
24 x Smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheels
24 x Nigiri selection including prawn, egg, salmon or tuna with wasabi 

Hot Selections:
24 x Individual quiche selection
24 x Spinach and ricotta puffs
24 x Tandoori chicken roti with shredded carrot and mango chutney
24 x Nichirei tempura prawn with lemon dipping sauce
24 x Tempura oysters with crispy seafood and fried shallots

Total: 20 x Menu E = 20 x $27.50 = $550.00

Let me know what you guys think ASAP so I can place the order with Kiribillis.


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