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John - Sounds good.

We can have them down at our event. Just to add a bit of character to the scene.

Ziad - are you calling the tables company today? Also are we confirming the 
banner to be printed?

Ash - did you get the byo alcohol form in?

Tye - Have you done the badges yet?

Everyone     - Who is coming with me to intro to petroleum eng to sell tickets? 
Class is 12-1. I may need change for people with $50 notes

                  - Who is helping me sell tickets on Wednesday in the 
Engineering Pavillion. I have a feeling EFPC will be crashing bridges, so we 
need a big sign saying SPECSC tickets sold here. Maybe set it up on tuesday so 
people know to come there on Wednesday. Cos it will be really crowded on Wed. 
We could possibly do it in the common room or outside the eng pavillion near 
the basement. Up to you guys.

Let me know


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Just letting you guys know that we have permission to take both the Scale m=
ini Sub and the Offshore Rig from Physics.

We may not need the Sub, but it is a maritime engineering component and may=
 make a nice addition,
Up to you all... although I would recommend seeing it before you pass final=

We now just need a bunch of you to come and help carry them over when we ha=
ve time.

All the best. and have fun.


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