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Hi everyone,

Just a few reminders for O-Day on Wednesday:


Wednesday February 23, 2011


10.30am - 2.30pm (Official Event Time)
From 9am (Stall setup & testing/tagging of electrical equipment)
10.00am - 3.00pm (No Vehicle Access Permitted)


Green Student Parking Bays

Curtin Student Guild will provide you with a stall space of approximately 2m 
(frontage) x 2m (depth).  Each stall will be comprised of either 1 x long 
trestle table or 2 x school desks.  Please note that the stallholders are 
responsible for providing any other additional equipment that may be needed for 
the stall on the day - i.e. chairs, table cloths, noticeboards and shade 
(depending upon stall location).
*Please note: the stalls that are out in full sun, a number of umbrellas will 
be available for shade.

The tables will be set up for you and have a label with your club name on the 
table identifying your stall. A map will be available at Guild Reception if you 
have forgotten your stall location.

At the end of O-Day, you will be asked to start packing up your stall between 
2pm - 2.30pm.

Please pick up ALL rubbish around your area and take the trestle table back to 
the Guild/Centrelink courtyard.
If you see any of your pamphlets/flyers/promotional material on the ground 

Last year I personally went around collecting rubbish at the end of O-Day for 2 
hours and a lot of the rubbish was club promotional material. Please do your 
part (and help me out) by picking up anything on the floor around your area.
Garbage bags and gloves will be provided to you when it's time to clean up.


You will have access to one power socket only, if you require more than that 
you must request it via email to me with an explanation.

-          All equipment will be tested & tagged by a technician on the day; 
any equipment found to be unsafe will not be permitted to be used.
-          Only Australian 3 prong plugs may be used
-          No extension cords are to be plugged into power boards
-          No double adaptors are to be used

I'll see you all there on Wednesday!

Corinne McGrade
Membership Officer | Curtin Student Guild

Tel | 08 9266 2908
Fax | 08 9266 3384

Bldg 106F, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102
Web | http://guild.curtin.edu.au

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