[specurtin-committee] Re: Invoicing (and logo, new thread!)

  • From: Christopher Coman <c.coman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "specurtin-committee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <specurtin-committee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:46:17 +0000

I suspect we should get an ABN. Ashwin can you check with Lisa what she thinks?

Also I have attached my first draft, tho I like it, of our Club Logo (Which we 
use alongside the SPE International Logo that Winston is following up).


From: Ziad Zammar
Sent: 22 October 2010 11:44
To: Christopher Coman; ash_business@xxxxxxxx
Cc: Winston Kosasih; Ellie Lock
Subject: Invoicing

Hi Guys

There is soon a possibility that I have found a sponsor for the event at the 
Como. I just want to confirm a few things:

For invoicing a company, do we need an ABN or something similar? Also, Ashwin I 
might need you to start an invoicing template for the food cost for event.

Let me know your thoughts


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