[sotd] September 18, 2002 [In Praise of Consumerism]

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        Site of the Day for Wednesday, September 18, 2002

        In Praise of Consumerism

The List encountered a riveting essay for the more serious middle of the
week website offerings. This site, from "Reason Magazine" offers a
'middlebrow' article with a fascinating perspective on consumerism by
author James B. Twitchell who teaches English and advertising at the
University of Florida.

"Sell them their dreams. Sell them what they longed for and hoped for and
almost despaired of having. Sell them hats by splashing sunlight across
them. Sell them dreams--dreams of country clubs and proms and visions of
what might happen if only. After all, people don't buy things to have
things. They buy things to work for them. They buy hope--hope of what your
merchandise will do for them. Sell them this hope and you won't have to
worry about selling them goods. - Helen Landon Cass (1923)"

"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And sometimes even get
happy." - all quotes from the website

This single webpage presents Professor Twitchell's thought-provoking 3000
word thesis considering the implications of consumerism in today's society.
There is also a link to an amusing sidebar entitled "How I Bought My Red
Miatta" recounting how he jeopardized his impeccable 'green' credentials by
succumbing to the lure of a red sports car.

Stride to the website for a well-written article on a controversial topic


  A.M. Holm
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