[sotd] October 21, 2004 [Ingenious: Seeing things Differently]

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        Site of the Day for Thursday, October 21, 2004

        Ingenious: Seeing Things Differently

Today's site, a collaborative endeavor from a number museums in Britain,
under the aegis of the National Museum of Science and Industry, offers a
fresh approach to perspectives on science and culture. Gentle Subscribers
will discover a wide-ranging presentation which delves into an amazing
array of interconnected topics.

"Ingenious is a new website that brings together images and viewpoints to
create insights into science and culture. It weaves unusual and
thought-provoking connections between people, innovations and ideas.
Drawing on the resources of NMSI, the site contains over 30,000 images
which are used to illustrate over 30 different subjects, topics and
debates. ... You are invited on a voyage of discovery through the content,
exploring new perspectives on human ingenuity. The rich resources offer
authoritative re-interpretations, which challenge traditional views." -
from the website

The easiest way to navigate this enormous site might be through an initial
foray into the "Read" section, which is divided into twelve broad
categories from "Identity" to "Work". In each of these, various subtopics
explore meaningful connections and ideas. For example, the "Home and Away"
module features essays on "The Ideal Home", "Travelling in the Mind's Eye",
"Sport and the Technology of Winning", "Domestic Plastic" and "Holidays".
Over 500 images accompany this module. In addition, the "Debate" section
provides commentaries from noted experts in each field and visitors are
invited to share their views on the subject.

Swing over to the site for a remarkable exposition on a panoply of ideas


  A.M. Holm
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