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        Site of the Day for Wednesday, May 28, 2003

        Reactive Reports: Web-based Chemistry Magazine

Today's site offers an effortless view of what's current in the world of
chemistry. Gentle Members who recall with minor dread their last encounter
with the periodic table need have no qualms about a visit to this
entertaining and informative site by noted U.K. science writer, David

Designed for easy accessibility by the lay person, this web magazine
features current articles on such topics as catnip as a termite repellent,
antibiotic-resistant bacteria and honey, environmentally friendly tires and
" (ammonia) a newly discovered nitrogen-fixation reaction's role on the
emergence of life". A click on the archives link leads to 30 past issues
with equally intriguing short essays. In addition, a humor section with a
list of answers from high school chemistry exams is an amusing side trip.

Connect to the website for an easygoing roundup of chemistry news at:


  A.M. Holm
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