[sotd] March 6, 2002 [The Scoop: Dogs in the News]

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        Site of the Day  for Wednesday, March 6, 2002

        The Scoop: Dogs in the News

In need of a canine fix? In view of the List's frequently confessed
devotion to dogs, gentle members will not be surprised by the presentation
of this award-winning website dedicated to the exploits of dogs and their
owners from news sources around the world.

This site is an offshoot of The DogNet.net, an online organization devoted
to shelter dogs of the world. Originally begun as an attempt by a few
concerned folks to use the internet to save a single dog from euthanasia at
a crowded shelter, it quickly grew into a far ranging non-profit
organization with the mission to help as many shelter dogs as possible.

Constantly updated, this website features compelling 'canine interest'
stories from across the globe. From the tale of the dog found adrift on an
ice flow off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada to the gallant story of
bravery and rescue of a woman held at gunpoint in London, England, the site
does a great job of leaving no doggy tale unturned. 

Be warned -- these stories are highly addictive and the site's archives go
back to January 2001.

Paw your way to The Scoop for heart-warming stories about our canine


  A.M. Holm
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