[sotd] January 5, 2005 [Warning of Tsunamis]

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        Site of the Day for Wednesday, January 5, 2005

        Warning of Tsunamis

Today's site from the Why Files offers a brief but informative look at
tsunami warning systems. Gentle Subscribers will find an overview of how
such a system works and the proposals to establish on in the southern

"A series of Pacific Ocean tsunamis over the last century fueled the
establishment of an ocean-wide warning network. But the Indian Ocean, where
tsunamis are less common, has no such system. ... officials in several
nations [have] started discussing a warning network for the Indian Ocean."
- from the website

The web page provides a summary of the components of a tsunami warning
system, the equipment required and highlights the fact that the most
serious problem for any warning system is the logistics of evacuation. An
annotated graphic of the seismometer readings on Guam, for December 26,
displays a timeline of the wave compression. Additional information on the
current tsunami warning system in the North Pacific is available from links
on the page.

Travel to the page for a succinct account of tsunami warning systems at:


  A.M. Holm
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