[sotd] Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists [July 16, 2008]

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        Site of the Day for Wednesday, July 16, 2008

        Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists

To make a refreshing change from torrid summer conditions, today's
site, from the Exploratorium, offers a look at the work and lives of
research scientists spending an extended period of time at the
earth's polar regions. Gentle Subscribers will find the real men and
women behind the title of "scientists", and discover some of the
fascinating details of their research.

"Welcome to Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists, where
you'll meet penguin biologists, glaciologists, cosmologists,
geologists, and marine scientists working in Antarctica and the
Arctic. We've given them cameras and blogs and asked them to document
their adventures, in real time, so you can follow their research, ask
questions, and share in their discoveries as they occur. This
experiment, in celebration of the International Polar Year (2007-08),
gives you an up-close-and-personal look at research in extreme
environments through the thoughts and experiences of the scientists
working there." - from the website

The site provides ongoing webcasts currently from Arctic research
stations in Alaska and Greenland, as well as an archive of past
presentations from the South Pole. Featured among the presentations
are articles on the role of tundra on greenhouse gases, mining lake
sediments to help determine climate history and the race to save the
remains of an ancient people before they are swept out to sea. A
selection of field videos documents the rugged environmental
conditions in which these scientists work, while personal blogs from
the scientists reveal their scientific interests and dedication to
their work.

Slide over to the site for a revealing look at the dedicated
scientists and their work at the earth's poles at:


 A.M. Holm

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