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Site of the Day for Friday, July 18, 2008


Today's site, "so much in love with shiny new toys, it's unnatural,"
offers news, views and reviews of the latest whizzbang items,
sometimes before they can even be found on store shelves. Gentle
Subscribers who like to be au fait with the newest and potentially
hottest items may find this site to be a great spot  to keep tabs on
the latest gadgets.

"Gizmodo is a blog with the sole purpose of writing about tech and
gadgets as fast as possible. Started in 2002, Gizmodo has grown to be
Gawker Media's largest blog, bringing in upwards of 50 million page
views a month in traffic. We post about a variety of gadgets,
including computers, cellphones, video games, cameras and anything
else you can push a button on." - from the website

Currently vying for the pinnacle of cool at Gizmodo is the latest
incarnation of the iPhone -- the 3G, with firmware and application
commentaries, as well as notes on the phone itself. Technology moves
along on gadgets besides the entertaining kind, as the site
highlights an innovation in needles with scientists' attempt to mimic
a mosquito mouth to come up with a pain-free hypodermic. Other
noteworthy  products include a color-changing lamp,  a "digital wall"
and for those with really deep pockets, a Lotus Eco Elise.  In
addition to gadgets, the site is featuring news coverage on
anti-trust charges against Intel, and the latest on free WiFi
hotspots from a major telecommunications company.

Slide over to the site for a slick presentation, along with visitor
comments, on leading edge products at:

 A.M. Holm

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