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        Site of the Day for Friday, December 17, 2004

        Twelve Days of Christmas - Price Index

Today's site, perhaps unsurprisingly, comes from an American bank. Since
the publication of Dickens' classic Christmas fable, "A Christmas Carol",
accountants and their counting houses have had a small but distinct
presence in the Yuletide season. Gentle Subscribers will discover this web
page spotlights a fascinating and amusing financial analysis of the gifts
bestowed, in that favorite holiday song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

"Every year since 1984, PNC Advisors has provided a tongue-in-cheek
economic analysis, based on the cost of goods and services purchased by the
True Love in the holiday classic, 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.=94 - from
the website

The web page charts the "Christmas Price Index" of all the items given as
gifts in the song -- from the partridge in a pear tree -- the tree and the
partridge calculated separately for an accurate breakdown of costs, to the
current price of a piper's services. It notes that some unions have been
successful in negotiating satisfactory wage increases for their more
skilled members, thereby escalating the cost of these specialized services,
while workers in automated sectors, such as the dairy industry, have had a
less happy wage history. There are some interesting surprises, as decreases
in prices for some commodities have made a number of items a "best buy". A
graphical chart helpfully delineates the rise and sometimes, fall in
prices, over the past twenty years. 

Leap over to the web page for an engaging financial perspective on "The
Twelve Days of Christmas" at:


  A.M. Holm
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