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        Site of the Day for Tuesday, December 14, 2004

        Christmas Trees & More

Today's site from Urban Horticulture and Environment, University of
Illinois Extension, offers an overview on that essential seasonal emblem --
the Christmas tree. Gentle Subscribers may find this to be a pleasantly
browsable site for information about this indispensable Yuletide greenery.

"In 2002, 21% of United States households had a real tree, 48% had an
artificial tree and 32% had not tree. ... Christmas trees take 7-10 years
to mature. ... In the first week, a tree in your home will consume as much
as a quart of water per day." - from the website

The site's section on tree types provides information and links to
excellent photos of the various kinds of trees used in Christmas
celebrations through North America, from the Scots (usually listed as
Scotch) pine to the Balsam fir. Under recipes, there's an edible tree
cookie, with suggestions for a number of decorative touches. The tree facts
yield a range of interesting data on Christmas trees, such as the useable
life span of artificial trees and their longevity in landfills. A helpful
guideline will assist the selection and care of real trees but the tree
farm section is specific only to the state of Illinois. Handy reference
links provide information on how to take great photos of illuminated trees,
Christmas tree history and tips for seasonal flowers and greenery.

Dash over to the site for a range of material on Christmas trees at:

  A.M. Holm
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