[sotd] December 12, 2002 [National Poinsettia Day]

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        Site of the Day for Thursday, December 12, 2002

        National Poinsettia Day

On the off-chance that Gentle Members missed this on their calendars, today
is indeed, National Poinsettia Day. To commemorate the day, the List offers
a website of the same name from the University of Nevada Cooperative
Extension Master Gardener Program.

"This is a day jointly designated by Congress and the floral industry to
celebrate the beauty and rich history of the poinsettia. . . A native plant
of Mexico, the poinsettia originated in a region near present-day Taxco. .
. National Poinsettia Day is not only a day to enjoy these lovely plants,
but an opportunity to clear up a long-standing misconception." - from the

The site provides details about the introduction of the plant to the U.S.
and why this particular date has been assigned to celebrate the poinsettia.
The old wives tale about their poisonous properties is also examined.
Additional information about caring for these plants throughout the year
and bringing them into flower is included. 

Nip over to the website for useful information about poinsettias at:

  A.M. Holm
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