[sociate] Wishing F2F was a conference call

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IBM's  <http://almaden.ibm.com/coevolution/bio/index.shtml?spohrer> Jim
Spohrer just made an interesting observation during the opening panel at
BlogOn. On arriving at a recent face-to-face meeting with some IBM
colleagues, he noticed that he felt a certain uneasiness. As he reflected on
it, he realized he was wishing tht the meeting were held as a
teleconference, so that he could have his tools available that would allow
him to find out who was sitting across the table: their bios, their IBM
objectives and achievements, their history on the Web. 

It's a slightly spooky scenario, but I'll confess to having wished for a
heads-up display that projects inside a pair of glasses who's who at a
cocktail party, including who used to work with whom, who's friends with
whom (hey,  <http://www.orkut.com/> orkut) and who's dating whom. 

The panel as a whole was a bit strange, because it mixed people from
<http://www.linkedin.com/> LinkedIn,  <http://web.tickle.com/> Tickle
(formerly eMode, recently bought by  <http://www.monsterworldwide.com/>
Monster Worldwide, which was formerly TMP -- Telephone Marketing Systems)
and  <http://www.lycos.com/> Lycos who are building relatively conventional
online spaces with other folks working on exciting things, including
Spohrer, ace journalist and new
<http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0596007337/jerrymichalskisr> author
Dan Gillmor and  <http://www.socialtext.com/> Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield
(disclosure: I'm an advisor to Socialtext). 

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