[sociate] Today's Yi-Tan call is on IMteroperability

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  • Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 02:39:51 -0400

The call today at 10:30am Pacific time is titled "IMpasse?". Here's the

You can pick up a phone and call pretty much any other phone in the world,
so why can't you do the same with Instant Messaging systems? 

Since buddy lists' 1997 debut, the major system hosts - AOL (
<http://www.aim.com/> AIM),  <http://www.icq.com/> ICQ,
<http://messenger.yahoo.com/> Yahoo Messenger and
<http://messenger.msn.com/> MSN Messenger - have been at an impasse. AOL
bought ICQ, but didn't integrate the name spaces. Recently,
<http://www.google.com/talk/> Google Talk joined the fray, adopting the
<http://www.jabber.org/> Jabber standard, which does offer interoperability.
A few products such as  <http://www.trillian.cc/> Trillian,
<http://gaim.sourceforge.net/> GAIM,  <http://adiumx.com/> Adium,
<http://www.2entwine.com/> Gush and  <http://www.meebo.com/> Meebo have eked
out a niche bridging the major systems. (I use Trillian, Skype, Google Talk
and  <http://www.gizmoproject.com/> Gizmo pretty much daily.) 

Now  <http://www.investors.com/breakingnews.asp?journalid=32197114&brk=1>
there is
HomePage&art_aid=35105> talk of
<http://www.macworld.com/news/2005/10/12/msyahoo/index.php> interoperability
talks between MSN and Yahoo, presumably to combat AOL (the big player on the
block, with as many users as MSN and Yahoo combined) and Google (and perhaps
<http://www.skype.com/> Skype and Apple's
<http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/ichat/> iChat). All of which prepares
the ground for a groovy discussion in which we can cover:

*       What forces kept IM interoperability from happening? Why is it
happening now? 
*       How far will it go? Will all the players play nice and create global
*       What are the commercial benefits from such IMteroperability? What
happens to the smaller IM players? 

(From the Yi-Tan wiki,  <http://www.yi-tan.com/wiki/yi-tan/impasse> here.
Email me if you'd like the dial-in info.) 

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