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Thursday, December 19, 2002
And welcome, Creative Commons!
I attended the Creative Commons launch party in San Francisco on Monday
evening, running into all sorts of interesting people, from Brewster Kahle
printing copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in his Internet
Bookmobile, to Richard Gabriel and Peter Deutsch, Marc Canter, Cory
Doctorow, Danica Remy (who is working with the All Species Foundation, Whole
Earth Magazine and others) and other people I haven't seen in some time.

Now that the Creative Commons licenses are available and easy to use, I've
picked mine and applied them to this site. Please click on the icon in the
left margin to learn more.

posted by Jerry Michalski at 2:12 PM

Hello, RSS!
I'm pretty much a tech doofus, so Ev kindly helped me get RSS working here.
I'm not sure I implemented his suggestion properly, so please let me know if
it looks good.

posted by Jerry Michalski at 12:02 AM

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