[sociate] One fact too many sites omit (plus a Maya Calendar postscript)

  • From: "Jerry Michalski" <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:33:34 -0400

I just sent the following note to  <http://multiply.com/> Multiply, yet
another social networking service with a few novel (apparently proprietary)
features that I found by following a link from
<http://socialsoftware.weblogsinc.com/> Judith Meskill: 

You've answered most questions in your About and FAQish areas, except the
most important, if you expect humans to trust you. 

Who are you?

Who are the principals, who are the backers? What is the intent? What is the
"birth story"?

Without these, I see no reason to join. 


Jerry Michalski

Why do so many sites hide their founders? How do they expect us to trust
them? I imagine many people fall for this, which makes me wish there were
better established cultural norms that would out such companies and make it
harder for them to draw us in. 

posted by Jerry Michalski at 11:48
5000> PM
Postscript:  <http://boingboing.net/> BoingBoing black belt
<http://www.xeni.net/> Xeni, whose Dad is a Mayan priest, notes that the
Mayan calendar is indeed groovy and different, but that Argüelles is
considered quite the charlatan by his peers. Also, apparently we can ignore
the Great Calendar Change. 

Aw, shucks. 

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